Get New Kitchen Cabinets

New kitchen

A full removal and replacement of your old cabinets – without the cost of a major kitchen remodel

Get custom-sized cabinets that fit like a glove in your existing cabinet footprint, without impacting everything else in your kitchen.

Revelare has engineered a one-of-a-kind approach to providing you a means of fulfilling your “new” dream kitchen without the extensive time delays, excessive upfront cost and the high-risk factor associated with a MAJOR kitchen remodel.

Is this the same as a major kitchen remodel?

NO! Revelare does NOT do Major Kitchen Remodels.

Major kitchen remodeling is constituted as a project requiring a General Contractor to outsource a variety of specialist contractors to handle flooring, painting, electrical, plumbing, cabinetry and framing. These projects require compliance with building permits involving staged inspections throughout the process. These undertakings are significantly complex with a lot of moving parts. Consequently, they fit the category of a “high risk, high cost” endeavor for the consumer.

But reportedly, the biggest stress inducer is the extensive time-frame to complete these remodels. Seldom are they ever completed on time or at the price that was originally quoted. If you consider the kitchen as the heart of your home, there’s no surer way to stop its life-blood and give it a “heart attack” than to take on a major remodel.  

The problem created by new “standard sized” cabinetry

cabinet drawer and box
Our custom cabinet boxes and drawers

Nearly every kitchen cabinet manufacturer or supplier offers standardized dimensions for their cabinet boxes. Consequently, the width, height, floor depth on the NEW cabinets, especially when all stranded together, will never match the wall and floor “footprint” of your old existing cabinets.  

This is the reason a full cabinet tear-out and replacement typically involves a new floor, re-painting the walls and new backsplashes. Again, we call this the “ALL-IN” option. You have to be 100% committed to a whole host of design choices and hope it all comes together in the end. AND, you also are committed to 100% of the collective cost and expense of these combined projects all upfront.  

So interesting enough, even though a standard size manufactured cabinet is less money than custom made cabinet, the reality is that the standard size cabinet approach mandates that you spend a lot more money on things you did not want to do, need to do or ready to do. Whereas the custom-made cabinet approach allows for a simple remove and replace solution that perfectly matches your existing footprint without impacting the walls or flooring. It’s not only a cleaner and safer solution, but it’s ultimately less money as well.

Unmatched Quality

We challenge any company to match the quality of our cabinet boxes.

Simply put, we have more years of installation experience than any cabinet manufacturer. And from a practical perspective, we know what’s important and what’s not when it comes to the requirements of a well engineered and manufactured cabinet. 

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